Wildfire Sample Pack (Free Download 2.5GB)

Updated: Apr 23

Wildfire Sample Pack is 100% Free to Download, No Strings attached!

Wildfire Recordings offers 2.5 GB sample pack created, arranged, produced, engineered and packaged by Label boss Pete Wilde (aka Bungalow) with help from contributing artists on the label, Prato and Omelettie.

What's in the Pack?

Section 1: Beats & Drum Kits

A Collection of House, Garage, Breaks & Even Triphop

  • Full Loops with Their Separated Drum Hits.

  • Ableton Live Drum Kits.

  • Shuffles/ Snare Combo. Folders.

  • Midi Clips of Separated Beat Patterns (Kick Loop, Snare Loop, HH Loops)

  • Complete Collection of Classic Roland Drum Machine Kits (808, 909, 707 etc.)

Section 2: Basslines/ Bass Hits/ One Shots

Some Squeezed from Prato's Analog Synth Collection, Some Chopped from a Legacy Collection of Dusty Funk Records and Jammed Back Together with A Midi Pad Sampler, Arp'd, processed and packaged.

  1. Folders Full of Hacked up Funk Chunks, Loops, Variations, Sweeping Bass Pads, Muffled Filtered Riffs, Hits and One shots.

  2. Accompanying Midi Files for Some Loops.

  3. Each tagged with Key info.

Section 3: Full Remix Pack & Track Starter Folders

Remix Stems & Loops for Bungalow's 'House Party' Original Mix Lets You put your stamp on a Wildfire Release and Numerous Original 'Track Starter' Folders to Get the Creative Juices Flowing.

  1. Complete Remix Pack for 'Bungalow- House Party'

  2. Starter Folders Include Beats, Separated Parts & Hits & a few Basslines/ Riffs plus Midi

  3. 100% Royalty Free

Section 4: DJ Sample Pack & DJ Tools

Great for Any Skill Level & Any Genre

  1. Hand Picked Selection of Vocals, Booms, FX Sweeps.

  2. Mix 'Breakers' Which are Custom Made for All Types of Creative Mixing Transitions, Swaps & Stops.

  3. Kung Fu Fight FX Folder is a precisely diced Collection of Thumps, Woo-Yas, Sword Swooshes and Vocal Chops.

Wildfire Recordings Would like to Thank Paul Prato, Trevor Plett & Pete Wilde for Their Hard Work to Make This Pack a Reality.

Feel Free to Send Us Your Finished Remixes of 'Bungalow- House Party' and If We Like it Enough We May Just Release it For You.

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